What Is The Appeals Process?

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What Is The Appeals Process?

What is the court appeals process and how does the appeals process work? An appeal is a review from a higher court of the decision of the trial court. The higher court will review a case if a person thinks that the judge has made a wrong decision or if the jury has made a wrong decision.

What Types Of Criminal Convictions Does Attorney Matt Bangerter Handle In An Appeal’s Case?

Any type of criminal conviction. Anything that you have had a trial for and you’ve been convicted of, you can appeal; or even if you’ve pled guilty, if you don’t agree with the sentence that’s handed down in many cases, you can appeal that as well.

What Makes Attorney Matthew Bangerter Unique In Handling Appeal Cases?

Attorney Matthew Bangerter says that he loves to write, he loves to do the research. A lot of people don’t like doing appeals at all but he likes to dig in, he likes to get in front of the judges and do the digging research on the nuances of the law and get up there and kind of bring those to light.

It brings him great joy to give these people a second chance. It’s very satisfying for him.

Do You Have Any Stories To Share Regarding the Court Appeals Process Or Some Interesting Cases?

Yes. My most interesting case was a young man who was convicted of aggravated murder. Two counts of aggravated murder, six counts of murder, and then another half a dozen counts of robbery and kidnapping and a bunch of other stuff.

But there was virtually no evidence in the case, and we ended up getting the case reversed and sent back for a new trial because there was a violation of the rules of evidence where the police officer said in the recording that one of the codefendants had made some statement that our client had done something.

And under the rules of evidence, that can’t come into court because there is no way to verify the truth of that statement. The codefendant, who allegedly had made that statement, was unavailable so there was no way to make sure that was reliable evidence. So, based on that, the case actually got sent back for a whole new trial in that case.

The court actually then appointed me to handle the trial in that case and so we retried the case and then we ended up not guilty five counts of the murder, two counts of aggravated murder and then he was guilty in one of the counts of murder.

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