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Mia Severino

Sales And Marketing Coordinator
call us(440) 340-1740

Open: Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm

About Mia Severino

Mia Severino is the first sales and marketing coordinator to be welcomed into the Fortress Law Group team. She will be smiling at you the second you walk through our door (and if you’re coming from out of town, she’ll point you to all the best restaurant spots on the strip)! From her community involvement to her poised and supportive communication with clients, Mia goes the extra mile to grow the firm.

Mia began her philanthropic journey when she started at the firm in 2021, and within just a year, she has established herself as an active contributor within the Willoughby community. Within the past year, Mia has raised thousands of dollars for various local non-profit organizations, executed a handful of successful community events, and has been elected as the chairperson of the events committee for the Emerging Leaders of United Way Lake County. Mia is a helper; her biggest passion is giving back to those in need.

When it comes to the client intake process, Mia is the right person to discuss a vulnerable situation with. She treats every person she crosses paths with as if she’s known them for years. Her ability to actively listen to others, judgement free, and make people feel comfortable in their own skin is her key to success. Mia’s favorite aspect of her role at the firm is connecting with people from all walks of life and being able to offer the support they need in such difficult times. She strives to make people feel better!