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Matt was always available and very knowledgeable and professional during my case and even now after. I would recommend him very highly to anyone.

- Satisfied Client

Very Honest And Knowledgeable Lawyer
Matt is very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. His legal representation saved me from big hassle of my life and career. He was able to dismiss DV case with his legal expertise. He responded very quickly and gave very good legal advice and provided assistance even on weekends. He is very dedicated lawyer who knows law and will protect your liberty.

- Dr. K

There Are GREAT Attorneys Out There!
Matt is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his practice of law. Additionally, he takes the time to walk through the “realities” of your choices as opposed to just the legal language and standing. He was always responsive any time of day and he was always prepared…

- Janet

Highly Recommend!
Matt has been the most professional attorney I have ever encountered. Over the past two years, Matt has provided the best legal advice and representation in my custody/child support case. I highly recommend Matt Bangerter–he is the only attorney I will ever hire.

- Bob

Very Knowledgeable and Caring!
Matt was an excellent attorney. He represented me in a custody case, with the results being favorable. He walked me through each step in the process and always, put my interests first. I would highly recommend him for any legal services!

- Marcia

Great Experience
I called “Matt was great! He was courteous , knowledgeable and prompt. He always answered my calls and responded to emails quickly and accurately. Very reasonably priced as well. I would 100% use his services in the future.

- Michael

I called Mr. Bangerter on a referral from a friend. He started working on my case right away & had everything in order in a timely manner. He was always available if I had any questions. I was informed & treated with respect & kindness.

- Diana

Best OVI Lawyer in the State!
I hired Matt based on his stellar reputation as a top notch OVI defense lawyer and I was not disappointed. At the time I had 6 points on my license and was pulled over for a OVI and facing an automatic suspension on points alone much less the suspension with the OVI. Matt went after the prosecutor and their case and was able to plea me down to no jail time, 0 points and a non-OVI violation. Super job Matt I can’t thank you enough!

- A DUI Client

One Happy Client
Mr. Bangerter represented me. He is very knowledgeable of the law and will treat you as a friend. Because of his hard work, my charge was dropped! I would HIGHLY recommend talking to him if you need legal representation. He will work very hard for you and give you the best advice!

- One Happy Client

Most Knowledgeable And Personable Lawyer!
Unfortunately, I was part of an event where I needed legal guidance. If I did not call Matt the next day of the incident, I would have been in a world of trouble. He was on vacation and still returned my call the morning I called him! Matt explained to me my rights and gave me his advice on how to approach the matter. He is the most courteous, knowledgeable, confident, and down to earth lawyer you will ever work with. The whole time while awaiting my pretrial, he was on top of my case and answered every question I had within a reasonable time frame. He was very clear-cut with my situation and gave me realistic expectations. Because of his advice and work, the charge was dropped and the outcome was what I wanted! His fee is very reasonable. I would highly recommend talking to Matt if you are in need of legal assistance. I have worked with another lawyer in the past and Matt blew him out of the water. He will not BS you and work hard to be on your side.

- A Satisfied Client

If You Need A Lawyer With Compassion, Look No Further!
Matthew Bangerter has helped me through more than one ‘family’ crisis where I was unclear what my rights were, as well as what rights my terminally ill Mother had. With his support I was able to get my Mother into a safe, caring environment where she could pass away with comfort and dignity.

- Jane Hash

Highly Recommended
We were getting ready to leave for my birthday vacation when we found out about our son’s “felony” charge for alleged drug trafficking. We did not know where to turn, so I looked to the Bar Association for guidance, and found Matt.
We are very thankful to this day to have found Matt, and that he took time out of his busy day to meet with me before we left. I actually felt a bit better, even under the circumstances, after I left his office–I felt assured that we were in good hands.
Matt was able to have our son’s case reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, so we are very thankful for that. He was very helpful, considerate, and kept us informed, and his fees are reasonable. He did a great job. He also made our son feel comfortable–he was understanding, honest, and confidential, so our son felt at ease.
We would definitely recommend Matt.

- Sandra

Satisfied Client
Mr. Bangerter is the epitome of what a perfect lawyer should be. He is brilliant, a solid researcher, and one of the most honest people I have met. He knows the law thoroughly and what he
doesn’t know, he has a plethora of network lawyers to consult. I highly recommend him for whatever problem you have.

- Jill

Personal Legal Documents
Matthew is a very proficient lawyer. He was knowledgeable, courteous, and timely in preparing our will. His fees are also very reasonable.

- Kathy

Top Notch Lawyer
Mr. Bangerter handled a couple different legalities for us and was professional, efficient, caring and completed the legal transactions in a very timely manner. He handled the opposition with knowledge of the subject, tact and straight forwardness. This resulted in a mutual agreement on both parties. I would highly recommend Mr. Bangerter in any legal matter that is required.

- Kathy

Highly Recommended If Your Looking For An Honest Attorney!
Mr. Bangerter is a highly knowledgeable, honest, reasonably priced attorney. When we met with him, he treated both myself and my husband with dignity and respect. He worked hard to make sure our side was heard and ultimately won our case. He always kept us informed of what was going on either by phone or email, and we never had a problem getting in touch with him. We would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney.

- Mikala

Knowledgeable And Fabulous
Never have I worked with an attorney that wanted to know me on a personal level and not just my case. Matt is intelligent, honest, and helps you understand what the smallest legal lingo means for you. Takes the.time and puts in the effort to get the best result. Highly Recommended!

- Erin

Why Would You Choose Another Attorney?
Matthew.Bangerter is the best attorney I have.ever had the pleasure of working with. the most caring, and trustworthy of any other attorney.

- Michele

Professional And Honest Service
I hired Matthew Bangerter living in Illinois and he was the most honest and professional attorney I had ever pleasure to work with. My case was dismissed and the outcome was exactly I wanted. The result was very important since I am a truck driver and my career depends on this. Matthew was most helpful and I am very grateful for the service.

- Stanislaw of Illinois

An excellent choice!
I’ve never had an occasion to use a lawyer so when I needed one and Matt was recommended to me I didn’t know what to expect. Matt was knowledgeable, direct, honest and patient, made me feel quite comfortable through the entire process. Answered the plethora of questions I had and made sure I was informed at every step. He always made sure I was prepared for each stage and that I knew what to expect. It was obvious he put in the time for me and the quality of his work was top notch. Wouldn’t hesitate a second to hire him again in the future. Thanks Matt for making what could have been a painful and scary event much easier to take, you did a great job!

- Ted

Solid Representation
I was pleased with Mr. Bangerter and the representation he provided in my OVI case. He was very responsive and willing to explain whenever asked. I would not hesitate to utilize his services in the future.

- An OVI Client

Solid Representation
It was a pleasure working with Matt as he prepared my POA, DPOA, and living will. The process was easy and comfortable. Matt explained everything in detail and demonstrated great customer service. I highly recommend Matt for any legal services you may need.

- Lauren

Prompt and Professional representation
Matt did a great job of representing me in a Domestic violence case. He was able to get the charges and fines reduced, plus I was able to re-coop half of my bail money.

- Robert

Prompt and Professional representation
I was very satisfied with the outcome. Your law firm is number one in Willoughby . Mr Bangerter has a very kind professional attitude, that’s full of compassion, he was always prompt with answering all my questions and concerns. Mr. Bangerter receives an A+ in my book.

- Elena

My fiance and I needed to find a good legal partner when my fiance got into a bit of trouble a year ago. We did some research and reviewed Matt Bangerter and meeting him seemed like a good place to begin conversations. Well, not many conversations were needed as we both felt immediately comfortable, confident and supported after talking to Matt. These situations are never easy as there is so much “unexpected” and “unknown” so you want someone who understands how you are feeling and tells you what you need to know about the process, timing and outcomes. Matt was able to do this with us. He made us feel hopeful that justice would be done. In the end – we had the best outcome that we could have ever asked for thanks to Matt’s knowledge, hard work and dedication to me and my fiance. We highly recommend him if you are looking for someone who works with you and is not just “a lawyer” Thanks Matt and The Bangerter Law Office.

- Chrissy Basmagy

Matt, made the process very easy to handle. He was very professional and handled every detail.

- Trish Lewellyn

If you need legal help see this lawyer, he can help!

- Edward Ogrin

Matt is very professional and knowledgeable. A top notch lawyer! We were glad he was by our side in a time of need.

- M H

Great Lawyer Great Guy he wont treat you like a number like most of these attorneys .For my case, he was there 30 -45 mins before the time ready to go war.

- Sterling B.

Mr. Bangerter was professional and he took care of my case on time. He was proficient and acted on timely fashion. I definitely recommend his service for any new clients out there.

- A 5-star reviewer

He was very professional and kept us informed. We would recommend Matt who always took that extra step for us.

- Jim

“I had a problem and this attorney was on it. He was so professional and responded to all of my calls and emails. He let me know when the issue was resolved. I am so grateful!!”

- Dee

“Matt handled my mother’s divorce proceedings and helped her to get the best possible outcome. He was very patient and was sure to provide explanation of the anticipated process. He provided sound guidance to help navigate a highly contentious situation. I highly recommend him.”

- Brian

“During a very vulnerable time in both mine and my boyfriends lives, we hired matthew as a lawyer. it was the best decision we possibly could have made. he was extremely professional and kept us informed every step of the way. we also got the results we were looking for. i would recommend him to anybody in any type of legal situation and would give a million stars if i could!”

- Alyson Plascak

“Matt was great during my dissolution which was fairly cut and dry however; I was emotional several times during the course of our negotiations. Matt made me feel better and more at ease. He reassured me and calmed me down during with stressful time with his knowledge and manner. I would recommend Matt to anyone needing a divorce/dissolution.”

- Christine

“The night I was charged with theft and drug possession was the worst and scariest of my life! Matthew Bangerter helped me through this horrible time. From the first phone call he answered all my questions professionally and with compassion. When we met he explained all outcomes and what to expect. At the pre-trial we had the best possible outcome, he was able to have the felony charge dismissed and for the theft charge I was put on the diversion program. I would recommend him to anyone needing guidance.”

- Melissa

“Matt was outstanding! Our family would like to thank Matt from Bangerter law office for his excellent service! Our daughter was wrongfully sighted for an accident she did not cause. Thanks to Matt the case was thrown out. We are so grateful to Matt for taking the stress off our shoulders! He was very easy to talk to, kind and comforting!”

- Diane

“Matt was referred to me by a friend to help with a child support issue . He was amazing. Very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease . Dealing with difficult and emotional issues causes a lot of distress and anxiety. Having the right person to be confident in and trust makes all the difference in the world. Just knowing this is something you don’t need to worry about really puts your mind at ease . That is Matt . He is very professional, responsive and has a calming but powerful presence . Important quality to have when helping people with legal issues ! I highly recommend Matt Bangerter.”

- Heather