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How To Apply For Financing

One of the services that The Bangerter Law Office offers clients is a relationship with an outside financing provider to help with the cost of hiring an attorney.  Please understand that this company is a third party vendor and is not part of The Bangerter Law Office. In this article, I’ll talk in detail about how to apply for financing?

By clicking below you explicitly authorize this process and any inquiries made upon your credit profiles held by the referencing agencies by this 3rd party lender.

Any loan authorization, approval or consent necessary for repayment by the Borrower of the amount to be lent hereunder is subject to the terms and conditions described in the Agreement between the borrower and the third party finance company/lender. Therefore, the Borrower must agree to the repayment terms, as well as any fees associated with the agreement including but not limited to loan origination fees, interest, and/or any other fees as stipulated therein.  If services are discontinued for any reason, all fees for services rendered by The Bangerter Law Office will be owed to the Lender in agreement with the terms of any loan you have received. Any services not rendered will be refunded by The Bangerter Law Office to the party that funded the loan.

Please also be aware, our partnership and good standing with this 3rd party financing company is such that we are fortuitously able to apply for, approve and complete a loan application in a matter of minutes. However, these are legal documents, and due to financial regulation and reporting, reversing such processes can take up to a matter of weeks to conclude.

All such fees and charges will be disclosed in the lender’s documents and loan contracts which you may review prior to completing the loan origination process.

By clicking below you affirm that you have read, understand and have had any questions answered regarding this relationship.

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