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What Are The Faqs About DUI/OVI In Ohio?

Here are the FAQs about Dui/Ovi in Ohio:

What Exactly Is A DUI According To State Law In Ohio?

DUI in Ohio is actually called OVI, operating a vehicle under the influence. There are a number of different ways to be under the influence, either from drugs to alcohol, either being above a certain level of blood alcohol level, or just being impaired; even if you do not technically meet the legal limit, Ohio DUI laws say you can still get a DUI if the officer believes you are impaired.

Do Most People Arrested For OVI Tend To Have High Blood Alcohol Level Or Do They Tend To Be Closer To The Legal Limit?

When people usually say drunk, they tend to think of stumbling around, falling down, out of their mind. Most actually are not! Most of them are still coherent, either a little bit tipsy; they slur their words a little bit. But they are not extremely drunk, just enough to be considered impaired under the law.

Are People Usually Surprised At Either Their Level Of Being Intoxicated Or When They Are Being Questioned About Being Over The Legal Limit?

Some people handle it better than others. Somebody might test over the limit but believe that they feel fine. Some people might not want to drive even though they are way under the limit because the alcohol affects them differently. Everybody is different and everybody handles it differently.

Is There A Typical DUI Client Seen In Ohio Such As An Age Range And Gender?

The law office of Matthew Bangerter has had juvenile OVI cases, all the way up to a seventy year old something year old man. There is no typical client.

Is There A Typical DUI Story, Such As “I Just Had A Couple Of Beers?”

Yes. Most people will come in and say “I just had a few; I didn’t realize how much it affected me.” It is very rare that you come in and have somebody say “Oh yeah man, I had a 12 pack in the last hour.” You do have some people that tell you they did have a lot but most people do not intentionally go out to drive drunk. They just have a few, they feel alright and then they drive.

Is Driving Under The Influence A Prevalent Problem In Ohio Counties?

Yes. There are a lot of cases in all the courtrooms around here. No statistics in the way of numbers though; as time goes on, penalties get stricter and stricter and the limits get lower. There has been some talk of reducing the limit to 0.05 rather than 0.08 and there are a lot of political lobbyists and anti-drunk driving groups that drive that. If that happens, there are going to be more arrests.

What Are Some Of The Misconceptions People Have About Being Arrested For A DUI?

The biggest one is people saying, “I took the field sobriety test, which is those road-side tests, we’re walking the line, standing on one leg, and I think I did pretty good! I think I passed!” When the reality is, if they had passed they would not have gotten arrested.

Those tests are so technical that most people do not pass them and the police will always be able to find something they did wrong on the test so they can mark it on their report.

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