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What penalties could I face for drug crime charges in Ohio?

If you’re facing drug crime charges in Ohio, contact an experienced drug crimes lawyer like Matthew C. Bangerter at Fortress Law Group as soon as possible. Drug possession, manufacturing, or trafficking charges could lead to harsh legal penalties, depending on how Ohio law classes the crime and whether it’s your first or repeat offense.

For instance:

  • Possessing a small drug amount for personal use could count as a first-degree misdemeanor, with potential penalties of 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation may get charged as a felony and land you in prison for up to 10 years.
  • Drug trafficking near minors could count as a first-degree felony and lead to hefty fines and many years or even a lifetime in prison.

Are drug crimes eligible for expungement in Ohio?

In many cases, a skilled drug crimes lawyer can help get your drug crime record sealed. As long as your conviction appears on your public record, it can limit your career, education, and housing opportunities. Expungement can allow you to turn over a fresh leaf and rebuild your life.

What legal strategies can my drug crime lawyer use to defend me against drug charges?

Our criminal attorney can examine your case’s circumstances and the evidence the prosecution brings against you to determine the optimal legal defense strategy.

Possible defenses may include:

  • Arguing that law enforcement sourced some of the evidence against you using illegal means, like an unwarranted search
  • Pointing out breaches of police procedure, like failing to read you your Miranda rights before questioning you
  • Working to prove that the illegal substance in your house or car wasn’t your property but belonged to someone else, like a roommate

Your lawyer can advise you whether to insist on a trial or accept a plea deal in exchange for lesser penalties. For instance, we may work with the court to replace your jail sentence with a rehab program.

Why is it so important to choose the right drug crime defense lawyer?

Drug charges put your entire future at risk, so it’s crucial to start working with a seasoned Ohio criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Criminal attorney Matthew C. Bangerter of Fortress Law Group is a former prosecutor who uses his knowledge of forensics and years of trial experience to craft efficient legal defense strategies for drug crime cases.

Call his offices at (440) 340-1740 to schedule a case review with an experienced drug crimes lawyer in Cleveland Metro.