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What should I do if I’m facing gun charges in Ohio?

Contact a gun crimes attorney immediately if you’re facing gun crime charges in Ohio. Your Ohio criminal defense attorney will analyze your case and determine the reason for your gun charges, such as:

  • Illegal firearm possession
  • Illegally carrying a firearm in a gun-restricted area like a school safety zone, courthouse, or a place of worship
  • Possessing illegal firearms like military-grade ammunition or weapons, zip guns, or defaced firearms
  • Depending on your case, violating Ohio’s gun control laws can count as a misdemeanor or felony and lead to heavy fines and lengthy imprisonment. Your Ohio gun lawyer will work with you to build a legal defense strategy and protect your rights.

Who is ineligible to carry guns in Ohio?

Under Ohio laws, anyone 21 or older may carry a gun without a permit. Individuals who cannot carry firearms in Ohio include:

  • Felons and fugitives
  • Individuals convicted of certain violent crimes
  • Illegal immigrants
  • Individuals with a drug crime record
  • Former service members with a history of dishonorable discharge
  • Mentally incompetent individuals

Can I have my gun rights restored if I have a criminal record that prohibits me from carrying guns?

In many cases, yes, you might be able to restore your gun rights, depending on the specific charges on your record. Working with experienced gun case lawyers like Matthew C. Bangerter can improve your chances of getting your firearm rights restored.

How did concealed carry laws change in Ohio?

Until June 2022, Ohio residents had to apply for a concealed carry permit with the local sheriff’s office. Also, if the police pulled a driver over, the driver had to inform the officer of their firearm possession and produce a concealed carry permit.

Today, firearm permits are no longer necessary in Ohio, and drivers who get pulled over don’t need to disclose they’re carrying a gun unless a police officer asks them directly.

How can an experienced Ohio gun lawyer help my gun crime case?

Gun charges in Ohio can result in hefty fines, time in jail, a criminal record, and revocation of your gun rights. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help get the charges against you reduced or dismissed and defend your right to carry firearms.

Matthew C. Bangerter, a seasoned gun crimes attorney at Fortress Law Group in Cleveland Metro, has many years of experience handling gun trials in Ohio as a former prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer. To schedule a case review, call his offices at (440) 340-1740.