Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer When Charged with a Crime in Ohio?

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If you are facing criminal charges in Ohio, you may expect a range of grave consequences, from fines and penalties to jail time and loss of reputation.

Are you wondering whether you should search online for “criminal lawyers near me”? The answer is an emphatic yes. Working with an experienced attorney can help you build a strong defense, avoid a criminal conviction, preserve your liberty, and protect your career.

Matthew C. Bangerter, Esq., of the Bangerter Law Office in Willoughby, OH, explains how the right criminal lawyer can influence the outcome of your case.

Potential Consequences of a Criminal Record in Ohio

It may seem unfair, but a criminal record may cause lasting consequences beyond legal penalties. Even comparatively minor offenses on your record may damage your:

  • Opportunities to advance in your current job or start a new career, especially in fields like nursing, security, or education.
  • Position in society or professional reputation.
  • Family life, e.g., if you ever become involved in a child custody dispute.
  • Ability to secure housing, e.g., if a landlord runs a background check on you.
  • Options to qualify for a mortgage or another type of loan.
  • Chances to enroll in certain higher education programs or qualify for scholarships and grants.
  • Eligibility to live and work in the U.S. or apply for U.S. citizenship if you are a foreign national.

To protect your immediate legal rights and future prospects, start working with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Prompt legal action will give your attorney the best chance to collect helpful evidence, build a robust defense case on your behalf, and help you expunge your record.

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help You

Over 99% of all criminal defendants work with lawyers for a good reason. To maximize your chances of a positive outcome, you need legal counsel and representation by a competent lawyer – someone with a thorough knowledge of federal and state laws pertaining to your case and experience handling similar cases in local courts.

Here are just a few ways a criminal lawyer can protect your interests:

  • Question the prosecution’s witnesses and source witnesses who will testify in your favor.
  • Negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution to arrange for a reduced charge or a lighter sentence.
  • Advise you on the potential outcomes of your legal options (plea bargain vs. going to trial).
  • Counsel you to avoid incriminating behavior, e.g., posting specific topics on social media.
  • File a motion to suppress unlawfully obtained evidence, e.g., information or proof that the police found in an unreasonable search and seizure.

Record Expungement

In some cases, a criminal lawyer may be able to work towards getting your record expunged. Record expungement is a legal process that clears any prior criminal convictions and seals your criminal record. Expungement may reverse the lasting consequences of a criminal charge, such as a stain on your reputation or the inability to advance in your chosen career.

Former convicts may be eligible for expungement in Ohio under certain conditions, including:

  • They have no current pending criminal charges.
  • They have completed the necessary statutory waiting period (one year for misdemeanors, three years for felonies).
  • Their convictions do not fall under non-expungeable crimes in Ohio.
  • They have less than a certain number of prior convictions, depending on what those convictions are.
  • Their sentence did not involve mandatory jail time.

Why Choose Bangerter Law for Your Criminal Defense Attorney?

When your entire future may be at stake, settle for no less than a skilled criminal defense attorney with extensive local practice. Clients facing criminal charges in Northeast Ohio choose Matthew Bangerter as their criminal lawyer for several reasons, including:

  • Experience. Mr. Bangerter has practiced law in Ohio for over 14 years, representing all types of criminal cases, including OVI/DUI, drug, domestic violence, felonies, and federal criminal cases.
  • Courtroom strategy. Attorney Matthew Bangerter had previously served as an Assistant Prosecutor. His deep knowledge of prosecution strategies helps him build a powerful defense in every case.
  • Dedication. As clients attest, Mr. Bangerter gives each case his full attention and always goes the extra mile for his clients.
  • Integrity. At Bangerter Law, you will get an honest evaluation and an action plan based on realistic outcomes in similar cases.
  • Certification. Matthew Bangerter’s certifications allow him to administer SFSTs (Standardized Field Sobriety Tests) and evaluate these tests’ administration for effective defense in DUI/OVI cases.

Bangerter Law Office: Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cleveland Metro and Northeast Ohio

At the Bangerter Law Office, we defend good people accused of bad things. Matthew C. Bangerter, Esq., a skilled criminal defense attorney with superior negotiation skills and a wealth of courtroom experience, will use any available legal means to protect your rights.

For a case evaluation by an experienced criminal lawyer in Northeast Ohio, call us at (440) 340-1740 or contact us online.

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