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Is expungement the same as sealing a record? No, they are not the same thing. Sealing a record hides the record's…

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Juvenile Crimes

What are the potential penalties for a juvenile conviction (adjudication and disposition)? Juvenile offenses in Ohio range from minor offenses to…

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Gun Crimes

What should I do if I’m facing gun charges in Ohio? Contact a gun crimes attorney immediately if you’re facing gun…

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Burglary & Trespass Offenses

What penalties could I face following a burglary or criminal trespass conviction in Ohio? If you stand accused of burglary or…

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Drug Crimes

What penalties could I face for drug crime charges in Ohio? If you’re facing drug crime charges in Ohio, contact an…

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Violent Crimes

What are the possible legal consequences of violent crimes in Ohio? Violent crimes like assault or manslaughter are some of the…

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