What You Need to Know About Ohio Drug Crime Laws

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Being accused of a crime in Northeast Ohio is a serious matter; you want to know that you have an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer ready to step in to support you immediately after you’ve been charged.

Understanding Ohio Drug Crimes Law

Laws related to drugs in Ohio call out controlled substances in a few different ways in terms of crimes. The entire state takes drug crimes very seriously, meaning that if you are accused of any of these crimes, you need to be prepared to take action quickly by retaining a criminal defense lawyer in Ohio. A conviction for drug crimes, even possession, can lead to fines and jail time. Having this on your record can also be problematic for your future if an employer or other party runs a background check that shows you’ve been convicted for drug crimes.

While the penalties and impacts increase based on the type of drugs, the kind of charge, and the volume of drugs found on or near your person, it’s critical to take all drug-related crimes seriously.

Common Defense Strategies in Ohio Drug Crimes Cases

You should create your defense strategy with an experienced criminal defense lawyer’s help at the outset of your case. Your attorney might recommend multiple defense strategies to challenge the charges against you.

Some of the most common defense strategies used in drug cases include:

  • Lack of possession
  • Violations of constitutional rights
  • Unwitting possession

From the moment you’ve been accused, exercise your right to an attorney to discuss the possible defenses in your case. Share this information with your lawyer immediately to allow your legal counsel to investigate all possible options for your defense.

How Does Ohio Law Define Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking covers things like the sale and distribution of unlawful drugs. Drug trafficking is elevated from charges like possession and can carry more severe penalties.

Chapter 3719.01 of the Ohio Revised Code defines drug trafficking as offering to sell, sell, prepare for distribution, or prepare illegal drugs for shipment. At a broad level, you can think of it as providing or selling drugs to other people.

Can Ohio Police Search Your Home or Vehicle Without a Warrant?

There are both federal and state laws related to search and seizure; as a resident of Ohio, it’s essential to educate yourself about those that might apply to you when a police officer contacts you or pulls you over.

In general, a police officer in Ohio needs a warrant to search your vehicle or home. Officers, however, only need a reasonable suspicion and not probable cause to stop and question someone. If a cop pulls you over in a car, be aware of your rights and know that if you give an officer permission to search your vehicle, this information could become important in a future criminal defense case.

If police illegally search your home or vehicle without meeting the required legal grounds, your criminal defense attorney might raise these issues within your case.

Ohio’s Most Common Drug Offenses

Any drug crime on the books in Ohio is fair game for a police officer when it comes to arresting someone in violation of that law, but there are a few types of cases that show up quite a bit. Most recently, this includes crimes related to meth and heroin, although there are also increasing numbers of cases involving prescription drugs.

When considering all kinds of drugs, some of the most common Ohio drug charges include:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Prescription drug violations
  • Possession with intent to sell

If you were caught with a large volume or with a major controlled substance, you must know your rights and act quickly. You need a defense strategy that takes multiple things into account, and you cannot trust police officers to advocate for your rights. Instead, turn to a dedicated attorney with experience in this field to give you an honest appraisal of your case.

Why Choose Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew C. Bangerter?

There are so many things to think about immediately after being accused; you need a trusted advocate to guide you through the legal process when you’re facing drug charges. With previous service as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney Matthew C. Bangerter knows the other side’s tactics and works to create a compelling defense strategy for you from the moment you’ve been accused.

The right criminal defense lawyer can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case and can keep you realistically informed about your options as the case unfolds; don’t speak to the police until you’ve retained a lawyer to represent your interests in cases like these.

When you need an attorney who will step up and fight for your rights from day one, don’t wait to call Matthew C. Bangerter at (440) 340-1740 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.

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