Why File For Expungement?

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Why Should Someone File For Expungement Or Sealing?

What’s the purpose of filing for expungement in Ohio. The biggest reason is a person’s ability to move forward after their conviction in a competitive job and educational market. Convictions will hold the person back at some point. Some people have a very difficult time finding a job with even minor convictions on their record. File for expungement or sealing the record could help with that.

Can A Simple Arrest Affect Someone Almost As Badly As A Conviction?

It can. An employer running a background check might see an arrest for something like theft or assault on the person’s record. Regardless of whether or not the person has been convicted of it, it is human nature to view that record with suspicion. It can still be a black mark in the person’s history and it could very well affect their chances of getting that job.

Does Having A Record Affect Chances Of Getting Into School Or Getting Financial Aid?

It could, although this would be up to each individual school. They could certainly run a background check. The results might keep a person from getting into that college or it might affect their current status as a student in certain programs. Getting a drug conviction can also affect a student’s eligibility for federal financial aid.

How Often Are Requests For Records To Be Sealed Actually Granted?

In my experience, these requests are almost always granted. That is no guarantee and it does not mean that it will always happen, but I have had quite good success in getting records sealed.

What Are The Short And Long Term Benefits For Having A Record Sealed?

The biggest benefit that people find and the biggest reason people come to me is employability. Most people come to me because they are having trouble finding jobs because they have a conviction on their record and nobody wants to hire them. Employment, as well as educational opportunities, are the primary benefit, but it also benefit’s the person’s reputation. If that record is sealed, most people will not be able to see or find out about it.

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