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Gun Crime Defense Attorney in the Greater Cleveland Metro Area

If you’re facing a gun charge in Northeast Ohio, hiring a skilled weapons and firearm lawyer to represent you is the first step in defending your rights during your case. Recent changes to Ohio’s concealed carry laws could work in your favor.

Contact our offices at Fortress Law Group, LLC., to schedule a consultation with a gun crime attorney. Our lead attorney, Matthew C. Bangerter, Esq., has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with post-degree work in genetics and forensics. Having served as a prosecuting attorney before combining his experience and education in criminal defense, he has defended clients successfully for over 13 years.

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Reasons for Common Gun Charge Cases

Common gun charges in Ohio include:

  • Illegally carrying concealed weapons
  • Illegal possession of a firearm in a courthouse, school safety zone, or beer liquor permit premises
  • Illegal firearm possession under disability
  • Possession of an illegal firearm, including automatic firearms, zip guns, sawed-off firearms, defaced firearms, or military-grade weapons or ammunition.

Recent Changes to Ohio’s Concealed Carry Permitting Laws

As of June 13, 2022, the State of Ohio no longer requires a permit to carry a firearm. Additionally, if pulled over for a traffic stop, residents no longer need to inform police officers that they are carrying a firearm unless the officer asks. Previously, residents had to have a concealed carry permit and inform officers that they had a permit and a firearm immediately upon being stopped.

To get a concealed permit, residents formerly had to apply to their local sheriff’s office and submit to a background check to ensure that they were legally able to purchase and carry firearms safely. They also had to attend 8 hours of firearms safety training and renew their permit every five years.

All gun owners must still adhere to state and federal laws to maintain their individual right to carry a firearm. Committing a crime or being found in illegal possession of a firearm could result in state or federal gun charges that could strip you of your right to carry a gun.

Who Can or Cannot Carry Firearms in Ohio?

People over age 21 can carry a concealed firearm without a permit so long as they can carry a firearm under federal laws. People who cannot carry a firearm include:

  • Felons
  • Fugitives
  • People who have entered the country illegally
  • People convicted of domestic violence charges
  • Dishonorably discharged former service members
  • People under protection orders by the court
  • People with drug convictions or drug addiction
  • People with certain mental deficiencies or disorders including insanity, mental incompetence, or someone who has been involuntarily committed

If you are facing charges for illegal possession of a firearm or for committing a crime using a gun, a criminal defense lawyer with our firm can review your case and possibly represent you. Contact us today at Fortress Law Group, LLC.